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Product Description

Direct Gas-Fired Oven is suitable for baking hard biscuits and crackers. Based on advanced design and fine fabrication, Apex DGF oven features excellent insulation, energy saving and even baking. Using negative pressure combustion principle, the safety of the oven operation is ensured.
● Design from USA, with high efficient

Direct Heated Convection Oven:
This oven is designed with the recirculation fans and combustion chamber installed on the top of each oven zone in th 'penthouse' section. The air is heated in combustion chamber and fan forces/blows the heated air into the bake chamber through airflow dispersion ductwork to ensure even baking. Baking is achieved using a re-circulating air technique. The oven is heavily insulated for up to 650 ℉ (340℃) operation.
Indirect Heated Convection Oven:
The burner heats the combustion chamber and the heat exchanger, then the air which will be blown into the bake chamber is heated through the heat exchanger. The combustion gas will not enter into the bake chamber and contact the products.
● Design from USA, with high efficient

Product Parameters

DGF Tunnel Oven

a. Steel structured chamber, if heating length 60meters. 2meters/section (front 24m direct gas oven, rear 36m indirect gas oven).

b. Total 5 temperature zone, each zone equipped with two observing window. The baffle plate between each zone is adjustable, the temperature can reach 200~350℃.

c. With over-pressure, under pressure, flameout, etc warning and protection system. Above and under the wire mesh, there are two thermocouples to detect the surface temperature and bottom temperature.

d. Air consumption: 30~60cmb/h

e. Inside chamber body uses 2mm aluminized steel plate.

f. Insulation is made of high quality rock wool and aluminium silicate fibre, top insulation thickness: 350mm, bottom 150mm, side 300mm, density: 100kgs/cbm

g. Outside cover is stainless steel, chamber is clean.

Convection Tunnel Oven a. Different Temperature Zones (For example 3 zones).
b. The inside of the chamber is aluminizing plate, outside is stainless steel. Three temperature zone, there are three set of burner, three unit hot wind circulating machine, three unit Exhaust fans to move out the moisture, and equipped with one observing window. The control panel has function of temperature control and high temperature limit.
c. Conveyor speed 10-25m/min, the oven chamber temperature range is 250~340℃. The combustor is in the top of temperature zone, it is separate with oven chamber. The area for biscuit moving will have no open fire. This section the baking is based on hot wind circulating machine.
d. Each temperature zone equipped with a hot wind circulating machine, it will improve hot air flowing speed in the chamber to save energy and material.
e. Each temperature zone equipped with one exhaust fans to move out the moisture.
f. Each temperature zone has a Weishaupt burner, capacity 1500000BTU.
g. Separate temperature control, the chamber temperature can be adjusted.

  • Q1. Why choose us?
    A. We have rich experience in food machinery. We have imported a lot of technologies from our US partners and the American Engineering team always comes to and stays in     our factory frequently to guide the production and do R&D job together with Chinese Engineering team.
  • Q2. May I have your customer list?
    A. Sure, you can contact with our seller ask for it. Our customers were all pleased with our machine and service.
  • Q3. What's the guarantee period?
    A. The warranty period is within 12 months from the date of acceptance but not longer than 15 months from the date of Bill of Lading.
  • Q4. Will you send technicians for installation and commissioning?
    A. Yes, we will assign our engineering staffs to guide the installation and adjustment. But the customers shall cover some fees.
  • Q5. Could you give me some advice of the food production?
    A. Sure, we can give you some professional advice from our experience. It's our pleasure to help.
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