Biscuit Machine


Biscuit Machine - Multifunctional Biscuit Production Line

The production line is equipped with Mixer, Laminator, Presheeter, 3/4 Gauge Roll, Rotary Cutter, Rotary Moulder, Baking Oven etc. We can provide Dough Feeding System, Sprinkler, Oil Sprayer, Egg Brusher, Stacking Machine, Cooling Conveyor, and Biscuit Mould also. 

The dough is shaped into flat sheet by Laminator or Presheeter, and 3/4 Gauge Roll will reduce the thickness of sheet gradually. The thin sheet is cut by Rotary Cutter into biscuit pieces. Leftover dough is fed back to Laminator or Presheeter by conveyors. For Soft Biscuit, the dough is fed to Rotary Moulder and formed into biscuit pieces. Biscuit Pieces are fed into Baking Oven and they are cooling down by long way Cooling Conveyor. We use International Brand for the control system, like AB, Siemens, Festo cylinder, SEW motor, SKF bearing, etc. 

Biscuit Machine - Main Parameters of Biscuit Production Line:

Biscuit Type: Soft Biscuit, Hard Biscuit, Cracker, Cookie

Working Width: 400mm, 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm

Oven Length: 20 ~ 100m

Capacity: 100kgs ~ 2000kgs/hour

Oven Type: Electric Oven, Direct Gas Fired Oven, Direct Heated Convection Oven, Indirect Heated Convection Oven, Hybrid Oven

Power Supply: 3phase 380V, 50Hz

Features and Benefits:

Hygienic Design – optimum product safety

Servo-motor Driving System – precise adjustments and reproducible processing

Optional Bypass System – less waste and stoppage time

Fast, easy product change-over – reduce bottlenecks and delays

Trolley-mounted Manifolds for Easy Dismantling – fast, thorough washing reduces down time and resource use

Humanize Control System – easy to detect and control the whole production line and reduce stoppage time

Large, User-friendly Display – easy adjustment of settings and fewer user errors

Versatile Design and Optional 

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