Sandwiching Machine
Product Introduction
Biscuit Sandwiching Machine the function :to sandwich two layers cream between two or three biscuits. make delicious sandwiching biscuit , easy operate.
Product Parameters
Round biscuit: 
Rectangle biscuit: 
L35~60mm, W27~55mm
Biscuit Thickness: 
3 to 8mm
Product Details

Main machine:  

a. Speed: 400~2000pcs/min 

b. There are sensors to detect the feeding of bottom biscuit, if the bottom biscuit are not be detected, the pneumatic valve will block the cream, the machine will keep on running, once the bottom biscuits is detected, the pneumatic valve will release the cream again.

c. Brush Cleaner:

Rotary brush roller cleans the pushers. An air blowing nozzle will dry them. 

d. Reclaiming:

Bottom of the main machine equip with trolley, easy for scrap reclaiming and cleaning. 

e. No biscuit the machine will stop.

f. Cream pump pressure can be adjusted.

Cream Hopper:

a. Cream Hopper is separated with the main machine; uses jacketed pipe to feed cream to the main machine, Hopper 400L

b. Jacketed tank with recycle water device

c. Special designed agitator and rotor pump (SUS304); feed to stencil head.

d. Stencil head consists of stator, rotor, and mould ring, made of SUS304.

e. Speed of cream feeding can be adjusted individually or combined with main machine.

Biscuit Feeding System:

a. Biscuits are fed by bottom, middle and top biscuits vibratory feeding chutes

b. Biscuit Feeder is consisted of V shape feeding chutes and vibratory device.

c. Biscuit feeding speed frequency inverter adjustable, simultaneously with main machine 

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Product Features
Sanitary Design:

Stencil head will be blocked automatically to prevent the cream leaking onto the chain when the machine is stopped or failure of bottom biscuit feeding has been detected. The chain is automatically cleaned and dried. Space under the sandwiching table is empty and with collecting in trolleys to collect and remove the waste.

                  Easy Operation:

                     The biscuit guide bars can be adjusted simultaneously to simplify the exchange between different biscuits. Touch screen control, it provides                                 combined control and individual control for biscuit and cream feeding, stacking, etc.

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