Product Parameters

Product NameItem No.Description
Spiral FreezerSF01Max Freezing Capacity for Base Product: 1000kg/h
Base Product: Chicken Nuggets
Product  size: 50*50 *30mm 
Base Product Weight: 25gm
Holding Time: 20-60mins , adjustable 
Inlet Temp: 65°C(180°F)
Outlet Temp: -18°C
Evp. Temp: -40°C
Air Temp: -31°C
Freezer Box Dimension: 7100*4100*5300
Number of Tiers: 24 
Tier Pitch: 150mm
Net Tier Pitch: 80mm
Belt Width: 508mm
Usable Belt Width: 450mm
Total Belt Length: 300m
Usable Belt Width: 450m
Total Belt Length: 300m
Infeed/Outfeed Height: 900mm / 4780mm
Refrigeration Required: 172kW@-40°C
Refrigerant (type and supply): R717
Evaporator Defrost Method: Water
Power Consumption: 20.5kw

Product Selling Points

Our spiral freezers are designed based on our many years of experience in freezing and manufacturing techniques.  The complete spiral freezer will be preassembled at the factory and disassembled in sections for shipping purposes; therefore it can quickly reassemble at the job site.  Our simple and practical spiral freezer design with robust construction will provide many years trouble free operation.   

The following are some of our special features and Benefits: 

Counter-flow airflow – hottest  products with  warmest Air;  coldest products  with coolest air – maintain and maximize. 

T between products and the air – the most efficient heat transfer for food freezing. 

• Air flow arrangement to provide horizontal air flow for better heat transfer for all surfaces of the product. Optimum airflows effectively transfer heat away from your product. 

• Coil liquid supply tubes to be regulated by orifices to equalize pressures on each tube, therefore, maximize heat transfer with minimum liquid charge. Vertical Coil – industrial aluminum  tube with aluminum fin.   

Hygienic  Design : 

• All SS304 weld spiral frame and structures – eliminates hidden cleavages for Bacteria at product zone and provides ease of wash down. 

• Freezer structure frames, tier carriers, spiral cage, air baffles and shafts are made of Stainless.  All constructions are for maximum sanitation and long life. 

• Pre-manufactured  with  all  SS304 weld  floor  modules  with  slope for  ease  of wash down and drainage.

• High-efficiency fans and motors, evaporators with large face areas, and the spiral conveying system are designed to reduce pressure drop. 

• Customized Design : these innovative features provide a spiral freezing system to efficiently handle a wide range of production capacities designed to meet your specific needs. 

• Robust and reliable for long life and low maintenance.

• Modular design for easy and quick on site installation.

Drum SystemSS 304 Stainless steel, spiral drum assemblies , center shaft, top and bottom bearings and drive assembly
"V"rdquo; profile for strong structure
"UHMW"rdquo; vertical belt wear strips
Cut  for 40"rsquo; high cube container shipping
Air flow/ Fans/ Motor/Coil AssemblyAxial flow fan / motors
Variable fin space , wide at the air inlet side and narrow at the discharge side
Anti –rust  aluminum fins and tubes
Large face  area and  wide  fin  spacing  for long freezing  cycle between defrosts
BaffleAir baffle around air cooler
Infeed/outfeed by air pressure and seasonally/manually adjusted baffles
Mezzanine  floor between top and bottom coil for a fully air flow circle
Spiral Belt20"rdquo; Spiral System Belting
Trouble –free operation in tough applications
Carries more product without extra belt weight
Maximizes product throughput in tight spaces
Wears evenly for extra-long service life
Outlasts competitors"rsquo; belts and saves you money
Smooth ,flat mesh surfaces offer uniform product support
Extreme resistance to fatigue and damage results in a long, trouble-free belt life
Supporting FrameThe belt is supported by all STAINLESS STEEL rails, protected by food grade U.H.M.W. polyethylene wear strips.
The spiral frames are also all STAINLESS STEEL constructed.
Drive System ( Direct Drive ) Bonfiglioli  drive motor " gear reducer and auxiliary take-up drive motor with reducer
Variable frequency inverter for changing the freezing time
Slewing ring table bearing with wide diameter to stabilize drum rotation
Aux. Drive " Belt Take-upAux. Drive and belt take-up keep the belt in a low tension
The belt system is equipped with automatic belt tensioned to ensure smooth belt operation in various temperature ranges and wear
Slope Floor Modular sections consisting of foam-in-place polyurethane(PU) insulation
3mm SS 304 Stainless steel  floor pan on top
Slope floor top surface,
200 floor total height with side subwall
Floor heating not required due to special modular floor design
Mezzanine floorOne set of #5 check plate Aluminum mezzanine floor
with hatch doors and ladders.
Safety FeatureFor protection against over-sized products, a limit switch is provided at the infeed of the freezer
For protection against over-tension of the belt, a safety belt flip sensor is located at the top tier.
Belt top / lower take up sensor
Emergency pull cable and push button
Electrical Control PanelSS 304 Stainless steel box
Siemens PLC  " 6"rdquo;   Touch Screen , and electrical parts
Air temperature display,
Drive Motor Hz / Holding Time display
Belt drive controls
Mimic display board for safety devices showing, excessive belt tension, anti-Xmas tree, over-sized product, emergency stop and personnel "trapped"rdquo; system.
Troubleshooting log record
Emergency stop push button and inside emergency pull cable  alarm
Maintenance time alarm
Enclosure Construction120mm  PU panel  with Flame Retardant  ( china standard)
The foaming density is 40 kg/m3
Wall and floor panels are SEAL-WELDED JOINT together on both inside and outside
Large stainless steel access doors at all necessary locations allow for easy cleaning and maintenance
Belt Washer / DryerAutomatic PLC  controlled
Belt Washer/Dryer  are  for washing and drying belt
Fully Automatic CIP Cleaning System
( option)
Fully automatic CIP cleaning system
With hot steam / cold water mixture tank
Water recir. System with filter, trough, pump , etc.
Three working circle, rinse, forming, cleaning/sanitizing
Drum spray: Inside drum spray and outside belt spray nozzle
High pressure spray ball cover all area of  inside freezer
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