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Strictly regulate the production process of food machinery, adopt scientific cost control and quality management methods to ensure high quality and low cost of products, and make produced more competitive advantages in the market..
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  • Spiral Freezer Supplier & manufacturers | APEX
    Spiral Freezer Supplier & manufacturers | APEX
    Our spiral freezers are designed based on our many years of experience in freezing and manufacturing techniques.  The complete spiral freezer will be preassembled at the factory and disassembled in sections for shipping purposes; therefore it can quickly reassemble at the job site.  Our simple and practical spiral freezer design with robust construction will provide many years trouble free operation.                    The following are some of our special features and Benefits:Counter-flow airflow – hottest  products with  warmest Air;  coldest products  with coolest air – maintain and maximize △T between products and the air – the most efficient heat transfer for food freezing. • Air flow arrangement to provide horizontal air flow for better heat transfer for all surfaces of the product. Optimum airflows effectively transfer heat away from your product.• Coil liquid supply tubes to be regulated by orifices to equalize pressures on each tube, therefore, maximize heat transfer with minimum liquid charge .Vertical Coil – industrial aluminum  tube with aluminum fin.   Hygienic  Design :• All SS304 weld spiral frame and structures – eliminates hidden cleavages for Bacteria at product zone and provides ease of wash down.• Freezer structure frames, tier carriers, spiral cage, air baffles and shafts are made of Stainless.  All constructions are for maximum sanitation and long life.• Pre-manufactured  with  all  SS304 weld  floor  modules  with  slope for  ease  of wash down and drainage.• High-efficiency fans and motors, evaporators with large face areas, and the spiral conveying system are designed to reduce pressure drop.• Customized Design : these innovative features provide a spiral freezing system to efficiently handle a wide range of production capacities designed to meet your specific needs.• Robust and reliable for long life and low maintenance.• Modular design for easy and quick on site installation.
  • salt and sugar sprinkler Supplier & manufacturers | APEX
    salt and sugar sprinkler Supplier & manufacturers | APEX
    Salt and sugar sprinkler machine, also known as a salt and sugar dispenser, is a device used in the food industry to evenly sprinkle salt or sugar on various food items. It is commonly used in bakeries, confectioneries, and other food production facilities.The machine is designed to automate the process of sprinkling salt or sugar, providing a consistent and controlled distribution. It typically consists of a hopper or container to hold the salt or sugar, a mechanism to dispense the granules, and a control system to regulate the quantity and speed of sprinkling.The operation of the machine is simple. The salt or sugar is poured into the hopper, and it is then released through the dispensing mechanism. The dispensing mechanism can vary depending on the specific machine, but it usually involves a rotating or vibrating plate that evenly distributes the granules.The control system allows the user to adjust the amount of salt or sugar being sprinkled and the speed of the dispensing mechanism. This ensures that the desired amount is applied to the food items consistently, avoiding excessive or insufficient seasoning.Using a salt and sugar sprinkler machine provides several advantages. Firstly, it saves time and labor compared to manually sprinkling salt or sugar. It also ensures a uniform distribution of seasoning, resulting in a better taste and presentation of the food products. Additionally, the machine reduces the risk of over or under-seasoning, improving the overall quality and consistency of the final products.In conclusion, a salt and sugar sprinkler machine is a valuable tool in the food industry, enabling efficient and precise sprinkling of salt or sugar. Its automation and control features enhance productivity and product quality, making it an essential equipment in various food production settings.
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