3.Do you know the benefits of automated manufacturing?

September 23, 2022

First, the advantages of mechanical automation system

Increase productivity and work quality

Most of the mechanical automation products have the functions of automatic information processing and automatic control, and the sensitivity, precision and scope of their control and detection have been greatly improved. Action, so that it is not affected by the subjective factors of the mechanical operator, so as to achieve the best operation, ensure the best work quality and high product qualification rate, and at the same time, because the mechanical automation products realize the work automation, the productivity is greatly improved. For example, the machining stability of CNC machine tools on workpieces greatly improves the production efficiency by 2 to 6 times compared with ordinary machine tools. The utilization rate of production equipment of the flexible manufacturing system can be increased by 1.2 to 3.2 times, the number of machine tools can be reduced by about 20%, the operator can be saved by about 20%, the production cycle can be shortened by 40%, and the processing cost can be reduced by about 20%. In addition, because the mechanical automation working mode has good flexibility to adapt to the needs by adjusting the software, it is especially suitable for the production of multi-variety and small-batch products, and is an important way to shorten the product development cycle and accelerate the replacement.

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Improved safety and reliability of use

Mechanical automation products generally have functions such as automatic monitoring, alarming, automatic diagnosis, and automatic protection. In the process of work, when encountering power failures such as overload, overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, etc., it can automatically take protective measures to avoid and reduce personal and equipment accidents, and significantly improve the safety of equipment. The device reduces the movable components and wear parts in the mechanical product, so that it has higher sensitivity and reliability, the failure rat

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